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LISA outreach links

LISA - Opening a new window on the Universe (NASA)
LISA outreach site from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Includes an introduction to gravitational waves, a description of the LISA mission, interviews with LISA scientists and much more
LISA Overview (ESA)
A brief description of the LISA mission and its goals, from the Space Sciences department of the European Space Agency
The Space Place
NASA outreach website aimed at elementary school age kids; features a LISA description, a gravitational wave crossword and interviews with LISA scientists Kip Thorne and Karsten Danzmann.
Einstein Online
An outreach website about Einstein's theories of relativity, including material about gravitational waves in general and LISA in particular.
Imagine the Universe!
Outreach site maintained by NASA; contains, among lots of other information about astronomy and astrophysics, special features about LISA and about gravitational waves
Gravitational wave icebreaker activity
An icebreaker activity, suited for used in classrooms, developed at the Penn State Center for Gravitational Wave Physics: Search for the gravitational wave signal in the noise!