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Joining the LISC

LISA promises fascinating science and unique insight into the workings of our Universe. To realize that potential fully will take the dedicated effort of many scientists and engineers. One of the keys to the success of this research is communication!

Join the LISC...

If you are working on LISA-related science, physics, or technology, or if you are researcher interested in learning more and keeping informed about LISA, we invite you to join the LISA International Science Community. As a LISC member, you will be able to let others know about your research, find out what others are doing, and keep in touch with your colleagues on our LISA discussion boards. Your name and affiliation will be included in our list of LISC members (currently under construction) and their home institutions. Be assured that LISC membership comes with no financial or formal obligations. You will find more information about the LISC here.

...or subscribe to this website

If you have a professional interest in LISA and wish to be informed about the project and/or participate in the discussions (e.g. as a science journalist), but you are not involved in LISA research, you can use the same form to join the website as a non-member of LISC.

A note to new LISC members

If you have LISA related news of interest to the LISA Science Community, please submit it to our LISC news editor. Just starting with LISA science? Then don't miss our Collection of introductory material!