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LISA on the web

Looking for more LISA information online? To learn more about the mission itself, these two pages are your best starting points:

Also, there are several excellent sites that let you learn more about the exciting physics behind the LISA mission.

is all about Einstein's theory of gravity and its coolest applications, from black holes to cosmology, while

contains information on all the different areas of astrophysics - so it's also a great place to see how LISA results will fit into the broader scheme of astronomical observations, from the low-energy infrared regime to high-energy X-ray astronomy.

LISA for Kids

For a younger audience, there's no better place to find information about LISA (as well as about other NASA science missions) than

Learn how LISA gives human's a sixth sense, enjoy the interviews with LISA scientists Karsten Danzmann and Kip Thorne on Space Place Live, and solve the LISA crossword puzzle!

More LISA links

For pointers to other LISA-related websites, go to our LISA links page, which contains both links to the LISA mission pages and links to further LISA pages for a general audience.