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Welcome to the LISC web portal

This website features news, resources, and discussion boards about LISA (the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna), a space-based gravitational-wave observatory that will allow us to detect gravitational waves from massive black-hole mergers in the centers of galaxies, from the ultra-compact binary systems in our own Galaxy, and from many other sources. The LISA concept was studied jointly by  ESA  and  NASA  for 20 years. Due to incompatible implementation schedules and to the constrained NASA science budget, this collaboration ended in 2011. ESA is now studying an ESA-led variant of the original LISA concept, called eLISA (or sometimes NGO). eLISA will create revolutionary research opportunities in astrophysics and fundamental physics.

The LISA International Science Team (LIST) serves as the scientific coordinating body and advisory committee to ESA and NASA. The LIST maintains the LISA International Science Community (LISC) for the purpose of exchanging information about LISA with the wider science community.

Join the LISC!

If you are working on any aspect of LISA science, physics or engineering, or if you are a researcher interested in learning more about LISA, please join the LISC! How? Just go to our page Joining the LISC, take a look at what joining entails, and fill out the online form.

Joining will also allow you to participate in the LISA discussion boards; your name and institution will appear on the public list of LISC members, and should you wish to do so, you will be able to receive various LISA updates by mail.

[If you have already completed a preliminary registration (Name, E-Mail) on this website upon receiving the first issue of the LISA newsletter, you should have received by now an e-mail with instructions on completing your registration.]

We look forward to your participation in this exciting mission!